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Why Should You Consider Renters Insurance?

Only 31% of renters purchase insurance and most are not adequately protected.*

There are many situations that could create issues if you are not properly protected.  Here are some examples of why you should consider renters insurance and protect you, your family and your possessions:

  • A guest in your home slips and falls. You could be held liable.
  • Your dog bites a guest. You may face some expensive charges.
  • Cooking dinner goes awry and it starts a fire that spreads to adjoining units. Not only are you responsible for damage to your unit, you could be responsible for injuries or damage you cause to other units.
  • You may think you only need coverage your TV or computer. But if a natural disaster destroys an entire structure, you are responsible for repurchasing everything you need (average of $30,000).
  • Your laptop is stolen from your car, it is covered.
  • In 2013, victims of burglary lost an estimated $4.5 billion. Renters Insurance covers belongings such as furniture, TVs, computers and even clothing.**
  • We work with carriers that provide top protection for less than $1 a day, quick and easy quoting, and superior claims service.

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*US Census Home Ownership Report Second Quarter 2015
**Federal Bureau of Investigation, Uniform Crime Reports, 2013