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Do You Have Gaps In Your Insurance Coverage?

3 Misconceptions That Lead to Inadequate Insurance

Many of us assume that our basic Home and Auto policy have the coverage we need. We don't always think about some of these circumstances that may leave us with no coverage or not enough coverage. Here are a few examples:

You assume your Homeowners policy covers jewelry and other precious collectibles.

The truth is there are built in internal limits that would leave you with a gap in coverage.

You assume that if you are in an accident your Auto policy will pay for a rental while your car is in the shop.

The truth is that is not an automatically covered in your policy.

You assume that when your luxury car is in the shop being fixed that your Auto policy is required to repair with genuine original manufacturer parts.

The truth your policy may not cover for those original parts.

Here are the three coverages that will make sure you are adequately protected:

  • Valuable Article Coverage will protect your jewelry and other precious collectibles.
  • Loss of Use Coverage will enable you to have a rental car after anaccident.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Coverage will ensure that only genuine parts are being used when fixing your car.

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