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Ron Guerin Appointed COO of All Varney Agency Retail Locations

Organizational Announcement

We are pleased to announce that Ron Guerin's role as Chief Operating Officer will expand to all Maine retail locations. As of 9/26/16, Ron will be responsible for Maine's branch operations as COO and continue to serve as President of Varney Canada and Chief Operating Officer of Varney Tampa. Ron will resume leadership of all international functions, acquisitions and expansion of Varney Agency into the Florida and Québec markets as well as step into his new role of managing statewide operations in Maine. 

“With over twenty years of experience in risk management, Ron has demonstrated the leadership skills, focus and judgement required to take our diverse business to the levels called for in our strategic plan. With a vast relationship network in Canada and Maine, Ron will be able to effectively direct the organization’s international strategy and footprint while maintaining our focus in Maine. We are excited to welcome Ron back to the Maine market, as he represents an essential piece of Varney Agency’s future and will continue to lead this organization to the next level of growth and innovation,” said Tim Varney, President & CEO of Varney Agency.

"I am grateful for the trust and confidence Varney Agency has in appointing me to this position and am thrilled to be back in Maine working in this new role, serving friends and family throughout the state. I am honored to be given this opportunity to continue to deliver high quality service to our clients and, ultimately, put us in the best position to delight customers in every market we serve. I look forward to guiding the definition and demonstration of Varney Agency's vision as we move forward to fulfill our strategic initiatives," said Guerin.

Ron was born and raised in Lewiston and currently resides in Portland.

Please join us in congratulating Ron on his promotion and wishing him great success in his expanded role as Chief Operating Officer of Varney Agency.

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