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We want to connect with you - our valued customers - to provide the right insurance information and protection for all your needs. We’ve created a blog for you to understand our business better, connecting you with community news and relevant communications so we can deliver the best to our customers, everyday.

Living Well This Fall

Fall 2016 Live Well Newsletter

Varney Agency, Insurance, Bonding, Fall Newsletter, Health Tips, Healthy Living, Live Well, Metabolic Syndrome, Healthy Snacks, Healthy Eating, Flu Symptoms, Reduce Stress, Breast Health
This fall’s newsletter topics include: Treating metabolic syndrome Healthy snack picks Flu symptoms Ways to reduce stress Breast health To read up on all...
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Should You Buy Life Insurance?

What you need to know about life insurance.

Life Insurance, Varney Agency Insurance & Bonding, Financial, Funeral, Expenses, Debt, family Business, Education, Retirement
The truth is that no one really wants to think about life insurance. However, if one or many depend on you financially, it’s a topic you should not avoid.  In the event of a tragedy, life insurance...
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News You Can Use from Varney Agency's Newsletter

Stay up to date with our Q3 2016 Newsletter.

Varney Agency, Insurance, Bonding, Bonds, Newsletter, News, Overtime Rule, FAQs, Flu Prevention, Fight The Flu, Merrills Dog Detector Services, Horn Stars Outdoors TV, Craig Bassingthwaite
From tips for fighting the flue to bonding FAQs, check out our latest Newsletter including topics on: A Customer Testimonial Meet Merrill’s Detector Dog Services International...
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Yahoo User: Protect Your Personal & Financial Information

Best Practice Tips from IDT911

Cyber Security, Yahoo Data Breach, Fraud Protection, IDT911, Identity Theft, Insurance, Security Tips
Yahoo recently reported that the account information for at least 500 million users was stolen by hackers two years ago, compromising user names, email addresses, telephone numbers, birth dates, passwords...
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Ron Guerin Appointed COO of All Varney Agency Retail Locations

Organizational Announcement

Ron Guerin, Varney Agency Insurance & Bonding, Chief Operating Officer, Maine, COO
We are pleased to announce that Ron Guerin's role as Chief Operating Officer will expand to all Maine retail locations. As of 9/26/16, Ron will be responsible for Maine's branch operations as COO and...
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News You Can Use - Varney Agency's Newsletter

Stay up to date with our Q2 2016 Newsletter.

Testimonial, Healthy Living, Unified Registration System, Maine Whoopie Pie Festival, Insurance Protection, Careers
Check out a recent customer testimonial from Yonghui Dow, healthy living tips and resources as well as the latest agency happenings in our quarterly Newsletter: Varney Agency’s Q216 Newsletter
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Are you ready for the URS?

Unified Registration System: Commercial Trucking Clients Must Comply

Varney Agency Insurance & Bonding, URS, Unified Registraion System, FMCSA, Commercial Trucking, Motor Carriers
2015 brought changes to the trucking industry through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) launch of the new Unified Registration System (URS). Although the URS is being rolled...
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Healthy Living Tips & Facts

Spring 2016 Newsletter

Spring Newsletter, Varney Agency Insurance & Bonding, Live Well, Healthy Living, Air Quality Improvement, Coronary Heart Disease, Stress Management, Flossing Importance, Aloe Plant Benefits
This spring’s newsletter topics include: Improving air quality inside your home Risks for coronary heart disease Stress management techniques The importance of flossing...
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Varney Agency News You Can Use

Stay up to date with our Q1 2016 Newsletter.

varney agency, insurance, bonding, customer testimonial, ted berry company, go red for woman, american heart month, workplace learning, job shadow, varneyversary, life insurance, id theft, identity theft,
We have news to share in Varney Agency’s Q116 Newsletter … another customer testimonial, ID theft and life insurance protection information and the latest agency happenings.
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Who is Most Vulnerable to Identity Theft?

Think identity theft mostly happens to older people? Or to high-income earners?

Identity Theft, Fraud, ID Fraud, Varney Agency Insurance & Bonding, IDT911, ID Theft Protection, Identity Theft Protection
The truth is that identity thieves focus their efforts wherever the opportunities are, and there are plenty of opportunities across most age groups. Identity theft complaints are on the rise, with...
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Varney's "News You Can Use"

Stay up to date with our Q4 2015 Newsletter.

Varney Agency Insurance & Bonding, Newsletter, Winter Tips & Resources, Customer Testimonal
Check out a recent customer testimonial from Al & Barb Leo, live well tips and resources for this winter season and agency happenings in our latest Newsletter: Varney Agency’s Q415 Newsletter
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Living Well This Winter

Health Tips & Facts

This winter’s newsletter topics include setting goals, choosing carbohydrates, driving safely, managing your heartburn and avoiding the common cold. For all the info, click on the Winter Newsletter...
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Do You Have Gaps In Your Insurance Coverage?

3 Misconceptions That Lead to Inadequate Insurance

Varney Agency, Insurance Gaps, Inadequate Coverage, Homeowners Insurance, Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, OEM, Valuable Article Coverage, Loss of Use
Many of us assume that our basic Home and Auto policy have the coverage we need. We don't always think about some of these circumstances that may leave us with no coverage or not enough coverage. Here...
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Varney Agency's "News You Can Use"

Stay up to date with our Q3 2015 Newsletter.

Varney Agency, Insurance, Bonding, Newsletter, The Frisky Whisk Testimonial, Maine, Florida, Fort Kent International Muskie Derby, ID Theft, Summer Tips, Living Well, Saving Money Eating Healthy, VarneyVersary, Ron Guerin, Life Insurance Awareness Month
Check out the latest video testimonial from Emily Wright of The Frisky Whisk, live well tips and resources for summer that you may have missed earlier this year and what we’ve been up to recently in...
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Why Should You Consider Renters Insurance?

Only 31% of renters purchase insurance and most are not adequately protected.*

Renters Insurance, Renter Protection, Protect Your Possessions, Rental Protection
There are many situations that could create issues if you are not properly protected.  Here are some examples of why you should consider renters insurance and protect you, your family and your...
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Client Testimonial: Emily Wright, The Frisky Whisk

Meet Emily Wright of The Frisky Whisk Bakery.

Varney Agency, Insurance, Bonding, Commercial Insurance, Business Insurance, Maine Business, The Frisky Whisk, Client Testimonial, Emily Wright, Bakery, Cupcakes
We are thrilled to introduce you to Emily Wright, entrepreneur and owner of The Frisky Whisk. Emily started her business in 2009, and has been continually expanding her menu from just a few cupcake flavors...
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Live Well This Summer

Healthy Living Tips and Facts

This summer’s newsletter topics include saving money eating healthy, getting enough fiber, reducing exposure to allergy triggers as well as sleeping and anti-aging tips. For all the info, click...
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Ron Guerin Appointed President of Varney Canada and COO of Varney Tampa

Organizational Announcement

We are pleased to announce that Ron Guerin will join the Varney Agency team in September as President of Varney Canada and Chief Operating Officer of Varney...
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Varney Agency "News You Can Use"

Stay up to date with our Q2 2015 Newsletter.

Varney Agency, Insurance, Bonding, Newsletter, Anchour Testimonial, Client Satisfaction Survey, Maine, Florida, Bethel Moose Festival, Fort Kent SnoRiders, ID Theft, Spring Tips, Living Well
Check out our newest video testimonial from the owners of Anchour, living well tips and resources for spring that you may have missed earlier this year and what we’ve been up to recently in our latest Newsletter:...
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Live Well This Spring

The importance of wearing sunscreen, eating breakfast and staying hydrated.

Live Well, Living Well, Spring Tips, Insurance, Health Tips, Healthy Living, Sunscreen, Skin Cancer, Lifting Weights, Milk, Drink Water, Eat Breakfast
Drink water: The body needs water. Being hydrated is an easy and inexpensive way to increase energy levels. You don’t need vitamin water or sports drinks; they only add extra unneeded calories. Keep...
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Client Testimonial: Anchour

Meet the owners of Anchour.

Anchour, Maine, Local Business, Local Agent, Design, Ad Agency, Branding Agency, Insurance, Bonding, Commercial Insurance, Business Insurance, Property Insurance, Advertising, Varney Agency, Insurance Agent, Film, Liability, Workers Comp
Pleased to introduce you to the owners of Anchour, a Maine-based creative agency built from the ground up, hand-crafted by the people helping to build businesses everywhere. Anchour believes that the...
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Varney Agency "News You Can Use"

Stay up to date with our Q1 2015 Newsletter.

Varney Agency, Newsletter, 2015, News You Can Use, Insurance, Bonding, Client Testimonial, River Drive, Reclaimed Wood, Recycled Whiskey Barrel, Lloyd's of London, Maine, Florida, Coverholder, VarneyVersary, Ocean Marine, Aviation, Tim Varney
We have lots to share! Check out our new video ad campaign, useful tips and resources for you this winter season and all that we've been up to this year in our first-ever Newsletter: Varney Agency’s...
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Varney Family Investment in Forestry Industry Extends Beyond Insurance

Maine, Forestry, Logging, Insurance, Bonding, Canada, Materiaux Blanchet, International News, Maine News, Varney Agency, American Loggers, American Loggers Insurance, Sawmill, Coverholder
For Immediate Release, February 9, 2015 - Varney Family today announced that it has made an investment in Matériaux Blanchet Inc., one of Québec Canada's largest independent sawmill operators....
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Client Testimonial: Matt Albrecht, River Drive

Meet Matt Albrecht of River Drive Cooperage & Millwork.

We’re excited to introduce you to Matt Albrecht, entrepreneur and owner of River Drive. Working with companies larder and small from all around the world, River Drive buys, sells, reconditions and recycles...
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Identity Theft Protection: a benefit of being a Varney Agency client

Varney Agency, Identity Theft, ID Theft, IDT911, Data Breach, Risk Management, Theft Resolution, Identity Theft Protection, Theft Protection
On February 5th, 2015, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield announced that an estimated 80 million current and former members nationwide had key personal information exposed due to a cyber attack of...
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Live Well This Winter

Health Tips for You and Your Family

Live Well, Healthy Eating, Flu, Obesity, Health Tips
Looking for tips on how to live healthier? Learn more about the advantage of an active lifestyle, the contagious flu virus and the importance of a diet rich in fiber with our winter Live Well newsletter. ...
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Varney Agency Tribunalized by Lloyd's of London

Varney Agency, Coverholder, Lloyds of London, Lloyds, Insurance & Bonding, Insurance Solutions, Richard Cirsch, AHJ Limited,
For Immediate Release, September 9, 2015 - Varney Agency today announced it has completed the tribunalization process with Lloyd's of London which now authorizes Varney Agency as a coverholder giving...
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Understanding Construction Contracts

Not understanding what a contract says can lead to serious problems.

Insurance, Bonding, Bonds, Construction Contracts, Construction, Contracts
As some contractors find out the hard way, not understanding what a contract says can lead to serious problems, if onerous language or non-standard requirements are missed. Make sure you fully understand...
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David Quimby Joins Varney Agency as Account Executive

For Immediate Release, July 29, 2014 - Varney Agency welcomes David Quimby | Account Executive to the Tampa, FL office. David is responsible for establishing new personal and commercial client relationships...
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Live Well This Fall

Learn more about eating healthier on a budget, calcium deposits and the common cold.

Live Well
Everything is expensive, that is for sure, but eating well does not have to be the first thing that suffers. There are many opportunities to improve your nutrition even on a limited budget. ...
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Varney Agency Welcomes John Beckett

For Immediate Release, May 13, 2015 - We welcome John Beckett to Varney Agency, as our Director of Alternative Markets. John will be developing new markets to expand our ability to respond to unique...
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Why Do I Need Renters Insurance?

Just because your landlord has coverage doesn’t mean that you do, too.

Renters Insurance, Renting, Personal Insurance, Rental Insurance
In most cases, your landlord's insurance policy covers only structural damage to the building itself. Renters insurance protects your possessions in case of a covered loss from fire, smoke, lightning,...
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Varney Agency Welcomes Lee Rossignol

For Immediate Release, April 1, 2014 - Varney Agency is pleased to announce the hire of Lee Rossignol, Director of Sales. As the leader of sales, Lee will be responsible for developing...
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The Importance of Working Capital

We have all heard the phrase “cash is king”, and it is very true in the construction industry.

Bonding, Bond, Surety Bonds, Construction, Construction Bond, Working Capital
Construction is generally a capital intensive business and there is no guarantee of being paid on time by the owner or GC. As the recovery stumbles along, fewer jobs available creates tighter margins...
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Varney Agency Announces Promotion of Steven Nadeau to Chief Financial Officer

For Immediate Release, March 3, 2014 - Varney Agency announced today that Steven Nadeau has been promoted to Chief Financial Officer at Varney Agency. Steven most recently served as Financial...
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Should You Buy Long-Term Care?

An important part of healthcare that most people overlook is long-term care.

Long-Term Care, Health Insurance
Long-term care is not something that people like to think or talk about, and usually the conversation comes up after there already exists a need for care. In this situation, it’s impossible to be proactive...
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Tax Considerations for Bonding

Ready for tax season? Our Bond department can help.

Surety Bond | Bonding | Taxes | Tax Liability
Whether you like it or not, tax season is here, and with it comes important decisions about your tax liability. Minimizing taxes is a common goal all businesses share. But for those in the construction...
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Driving Personal Cars for Business Use

Is driving your car for business a good idea? Consider your risk.

Auto Insurance | Auto Coverage | Liability
There are many situations in which an employee drives his or her personal auto to perform a business-related task or activity. It is important to consider the risk that assumes in these...
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Pelletier Brothers and Tim Varney Launch American Loggers Insurance

For Immediate Release, October 1, 2013 - Tim Varney, President of Varney Agency, is pleased to announce the nationwide launch of the American Loggers Insurance (ALI) program in affiliation with...
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