Varney Agency

Homeowners Insurance

When you choose a home, you look at far more than the price. Likewise, the right homeowners insurance goes far beyond the monthly premiums.

While your Varney Insurance agent will help you choose the right coverage for your situation, it helps to understand the basics. Whether your insurance is for a home here in Maine or a second home in another state, homeowner's insurance has three main purposes: protecting the structure itself, protecting the possessions inside your home, and protecting skd187785sdc.jpgyou from liability in case someone is injured on your premises.

When it comes to home insurance, most people err on the side of too little coverage. Instead of skimping on coverage, those on a tight budget may want to opt for a higher deductible, making premiums lower without sacrificing protection.

Make sure to tell your Varney insurance agent about any high value possessions you may wish to insure; home business pursuits that may require extra liability coverage, and added safety or security features that could reduce your premiums.