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Pelletier Brothers and Varney Agency launch American Loggers Insurance.

The Pelletier Brothers, the hard-working family featured in the Maine-based Discovery Channel reality program "American Loggers " have launched an addition to the family business: an insurance program. 

Rudy Pelletier of Pelletier Brothers and Tim Varney of Varney Agency have formed the American Loggers Insurance program. American Loggers Insurance will offer programs and policies from a variety of insurance companies uniquely geared to trucking, logging and heavy equipment industries; a sector that Varney and Pelletier say is under-served and misunderstood by most insurance agencies. 

"I’m excited that the Pelletiers have allowed the Varney family to be a part of American Loggers Insurance," said Tim Varney, President of Varney Agency. "This national insurance agency program specializes in loggers and trucking insurance and who better to partner with to best understand the unique needs of the industry than the Pelletier Family?"

"We've had a fantastic relationship with the Varney family and the agency through the years," said Rudy Pelletier of Pelletier Brothers, Inc. "Together we have unique insight that will really bring value to those looking for common sense insurance options."

The new, national venture will work with larger entities such as fleet companies and heavy equipment operators but also single owner/operator ventures. 

"It can be confusing and challenging to protect all the equipment that is so valuable to these industries," added Varney. "Coupling with the Pelletier’s experience we will design cost effective safety programs that will decrease claims and cut insurance costs without cutting coverage and do it like no other company in American can do today!"

For more information about American Loggers Insurance, contact Shawna McKay at (207) 947-5032.